concealed carry purse care

Keeping Your Concealed Carry Purse in Good Condition
Women’s clothing styles usually dictate that a purse is the only good place for women to carry a concealed gun. Although there are brassiere holsters available, a concealed carry purse is often a better choice. However, remember that if you become separated from your purse, you also become separated from your gun, which means you can’t protect yourself. Also, purses are favorite targets of thieves and snatchers on the streets. Always keep the purse next to you, and positioned in such a way that it is easy to draw your gun when needed. When at home, or in a location with children around, make sure that unattended kids do not get into your purse. It is good to spend some time teaching them the dangers of touching a firearm.
If you are looking to invest in a concealed carry purse, a leather purse should be the preferred choice. They are very durable and they keep their shape. There are specialty stores that carry very stylish concealed carry purses. Such a purse can easily be taken to any occasion. Considering the weight of a gun, durability and shape retention are very important. A leather purse provides these.
Proper care will prevent your purse from becoming dry, which can cause the leather to crack. Here are some tips that you can use to care for your purse.
Always Keep Your Purse Next to You
Never put your purse down on the floor or ground. With concealed carry purses, it is especially important that the purse is handled in a safe way. Remember, your gun is in it and you may need it at a moment’s notice.
Handle Your Purse with Clean Hands
Concealed carry purses made of leather do not tolerate grease, oil or dirt. Always wash your hands before cleaning your concealed carry purse. You can use a slightly moistened cotton cloth to wipe your purse’s surface. Do this on the inside of the purse also to keep your gun clean. Remember, your gun may also have oil on its surface.
Remove Any Stains Immediately
Always remove any stains before they get absorbed into the leather.
The above are just some ways you can make sure that your leather concealed carry purse looks great for years. Remember, it is an investment and intended to be there for you when your life might be in danger. Take care of your purse the right way.