Best Concealed Carry Methods

The most important decision when you are faced with is; What is the best way to conceal a firearm that will allow the quickest and safest draw, while still allowing comfort? It is one of the most important decisions that you can make in the world of concealed carry. Imagine when the need arises to get the firearm in a hurry and have something go wrong.

One size does not fit all. Body types, dress, preferences etc. can sometimes dictate where you can, and cannot, conceal your firearm on your person. You may find some types of carry are more comfortable than others.

Concealed Carry Methods for Women:

These options are specific to women who want to carry concealed.

Thigh Holster

Concealment in a proper dress is easy to achieve with a thigh holster holding a sub-compact or small handgun. One has to be careful though, when sitting down or your standing up, as you wouldn’t want to let other people spot what you are concealing. These holsters are typically held up with an elastic band or a type of garter belt.

Flash Bang Holster or Bra Holster

The name says it all. Although this option is somewhat uncomfortable, it is a very popular concealed carry method for the ladies. The holster attaches to the front of the bra and sits in place. A small size firearm is the ideal one for this concealed carry option.

Small of Back (SOB)

Small of back carry is just that. The firearm is tucked into the center small of your back, and carried on the inside of your pants. While it can be concealable, it is not a great option when sitting or driving. Some women love it, some hate it. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice whether to carry SOB.

Purse Carry

There are many purses and handbags on the market that have special compartments to conceal firearms. The only problem that we see with this is; what if a bad guy snatches the purse and runs off? We have a whole other story on our hands now, as they just ran away with your firearm. Take this into consideration when deciding on your carry method. Regardless of the choice you make, be sure to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE to ensure that you are able to draw your weapon when you need it!!