Do American Women Need Guns?

Many women debate whether to own and use a gun. Carrying a weapon for self defense is a serious decision. Any woman who decides to become a gun owner takes on the responsibility of learning to use the weapon safely and effectively.
Carrying a gun and knowing how to use it effectively could be the deciding factor in a life-safety hazard situation. Criminals want to attack when the odds are in their favor. Knowing how to deploy a weapon and use it in different situations, including one-handed or in close quarters, can save you and those around you.
In real life, attackers do not stand still. They move and attack until they are stopped. You need to know how to deliver effective shots against a real opponent. You need to shoot well while seeking cover from the attacker. Tactical firearms classes go beyond basic shooting techniques and put you into simulated real-life scenarios. You learn to analyze and decode criminal attacks and respond appropriately. Learning to shoot under stress and pressure is vital to your survival in an attack situation.
Even if you are not armed, under attack you must be able to think through a situation and escape. Can you make your home and family safer by becoming a well-trained, armed bodyguard? Would this responsibility cause more or less stress for you? Are you willing and able to practice with the weapon regularly and keep your skills sharp? Can you learn to manage stress and solve problems under attack?
Always use the skills of avoidance, awareness, deterrence and de-escalation whenever possible if confronted with a violent situation. Make attacking you not worth the effort to an assailant, and be willing to use any means necessary to escape from an attacker. However, if these tactics fail, you must choose whether to deploy lethal force or not.
There are some situations where only the skilled use of a firearm can stop an attack. You have to react immediately and decisively with the force required to stop the attack. Intended victims already face long odds, and criminals strike with no warning. Most attackers are male, so they have significant height, weight and strength advantages over the average female. You are most likely to be attacked when alone, vulnerable or in a place you believe is secure.
Unstopped, this attacker may go on to victimize others, perhaps even your family or friends. You need a survival mentality in which you are willing, ready and able to do whatever is necessary to save your life and the lives of others. A firearm deployed with skill can help equalize the situation, giving you a dependable tool to stop an attack. It gives you a backup plan if evasion or escape fails.